It might be a rainy day outside and you’re bored surfing on the internet, don’t know what to do, wasting time and mood. Let me just invite you to become a little more creative and use these lost days to do good things for yourself, your home, your family, your friends, your heart, your head, your soul. Start doing things on your own, start projects to enrich your life.

I’m Antonia, a 19-year-old student from Germany, head full of creative DIY ideas and purse always empty to buy the materials. So I’m mostly working with stuff that everybody should find at home or in your grandma’s garage. Most of my DIY projects won’t cost a Cent, and I always get lost in my own world having fun while creating. I’d love to share this passion with you and set some inspiration into your minds, so maybe you can find the time to scroll through my project list.

Feel free to contact me commenting on the blog or e-mailing me on goldschooldiy@gmail.com




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